MEET OUR CLINICIANSChris Brett, Clinical Psychologist

Chris Brett
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About Chris
My approach is formed around honesty and openness and I believe in building a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship where clients feel safe to express themselves. Forming meaningful relationships is what motivates me.
Chris' Specialisations
ADHD, Neurological Disorders, Autism.

Qualifications & Experience

Masters of Science; Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology; 10 years experience.


Most adult and adolescent mental health presentations. Can see eating disorders as long as weight is stable and full family interventions are not required. 

Client Focus

Adults, adolescents. Some experience with children. 

Therapeutic Approaches

EMDR, Schema Therapy, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Fees & Rebates

$250 (or $113.65 after the $136.35 Medicare Rebate)