WE ARE ABOUTWe are redesignging therapy practice for both therapists and clients.

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OUR MISSIONWe want therapists to feel more connected, supported and fairly compensated.

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We aim to offer you more than a standard practice in return for the time and effort you give to the practice and clients.

We aren’t there (see below) yet but we are building all of it now. Right now we have some of these features but not all. Please get in touch with us to hear where we are up to.

The Basics &

Fully furnished rooms +

Full time receptionist +

Back office support +

Practice management software +

Office facilities +

Telehealth software +

Outcome tracking software

Connection & Support &

Weekly individual supervision* +

Crisis duty officer +

Peer online chat room +

Shared lunchtimes +

Paid monthly lunches or dinners

Training & Extras

Matching clients to your preferences +

Monthly group training +

Paid CPD training +

Peer study groups/case review


Please get in touch

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We are committed to enhancing connection, interaction and support.

A therapist community focused on interaction

  • A co-working space to come to and chat with colleagues between sessions or to write up notes
  • Shared lunch hours
  • Group trainings and PD
  • Regular paid lunches and dinners with colleagues
  • Online chat room (Slack) to interact with colleagues and seek advice

High quality supervision and training

  • Individual and group supervision included with the option of fully paid supervision with an external supervisor
  • Group and individual trainings with a focus on trainings that lead to accreditation (Schema, IFS, DBT etc)
  • Peer study groups + case reviews

Full support for crisis and high-stress situations

  • Crisis Duty Officer
  • On demand support for high risk clients, such as a fully managed referral to inpatient admission, suicide risk follow up or similar
  • Debriefing/check ins/on-the-spot supervision for high-stress situations
  • Evidence plus...

  • Compassion plus...


We aim to solve some of the problems experienced by our clients.

We did a paid survey of people who have previously been in therapy across a six month period in 2023 and identified the following challenges that we are working on solving.


To solve the cost problem, we will trial clinician-guided online treatments and group therapy as a low-cost supplement to individual therapy.


Many clients have been disappointed by poor clinical outcomes from previous therapy. To improve outcomes for clients, we will trial artificial intelligence-informed clinical support tools.

Jay Spence

Dr. Jay Spence

My role is to oversee the roadmap of changes planned for the clinic. I’ve previously built and scaled other mental health businesses in the corporate space.

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WHO WE AREMeet our therapists

Karen Personal

Karen Spence

Clinical Psychologist

Chris Brett

Chris Brett

Clinical Psychologist

Jay Spence

Jay Spence

Clinical Psychologist